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Determining the Payback Percentage in Casino Slots

Slot machines, being one of the favorite machine games in the casino considerably offer the highest payback percentage to its players among all other casino games. The payback percentage given by the slot machine is usually higher of up to 99% of payback making the slot machine game an all time favorite among casino gamblers because of the potential to win higher payback in their game.

Casinos are able to determine the percentage of the payback that their slot machine will give by coordinating with the slot machine manufacturer and specify the features they want to be programmed with their slot machines. These features include the percentage of the payback and the payback frequency which determines how often the slot machine will be due to give its payback to its players.

Las Vegas casinos typically offer about 98% to 99% on their slot machine payback percentage. Some casinos offer a payback percentage of as low as 75% which does not give slot players a good deal.

The competition among casinos in both offline and online business is a contributing factor that influences the decision on the rate of the payback percentage to offer with their slot machines. Online slots however offer better and higher payback percentages as online casinos are able to afford to give a higher rate of payback from the savings they can generate from running an online casino business compared to running a land casino which is more costly and expensive on its operations.

The slot machines in land casinos are embedded with a meter which is responsible for monitoring and recording of the coins coming in and out of the machine. Incoming coins are from the wagers of slot players while the outgoing coins are the amount that the slot machine pays to its player's winnings.

A bill receptor is responsible on the other hand in counting the credits played in a coinless slot machine while a pay voucher reflects the meter reading in a hand paid jackpot of some slot machines. Because majority of the systems of tracking down the payback activities of slot machine are gathered in a central computer database, the casino has an effective means of keeping records on the overall payback percentage that their slot machines are able to pay in its lifetime.

Some believe that the Random Number Generator or RNG is responsible for determining the payback percentage in a slot machine but this is actually a common misconception among slot players. When a casino wants to change the payback percentage of their slot machine, it is done by changing the symbols on the reels thus making the reels as the primary factor that affects the payback percentage of a slot machine. The RNG mainly functions by determining the combination of symbols that will appear when the reels stop spinning.

These are the usual ways a casino is able to determine the payback percentage of their slot machines. They can also adjust the payback frequency of their machine through the programmable software used in running the machine.

Casinos have an effective means of running their slot machines and can efficiently determine how much the slot machine has already payback to its players including the profits that they have gained from each slot machine that operates in their gambling establishment.

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